Poggio ai Santi

San Vincenzo, Italy



The stars of Poggio ai Santi are those which fill your nights, the Milky Way as you can still see it with the pure air of the neighbouring sea, far from the city lights: our intention is to meet you and enable you to share a moment of life "a la toscana". Here you will not find butlers and concierges to fill your every whim, but a guest house atmosphere which meets your real wishes. The place is a magical one, nestled in hills of Mediterranean maquis, with the sea as a backdrop. A natural amphitheatre where Segesta or Epidaurus could have been built in classical times. We have preserved it intact for you.

The Podere farmhouse, the Stables and Villa are orientated to use all the resources of the local climate, mild in winter and cooled in summer by the sea breeze. Everywhere we have given priority to space and silence. Our wish has been to be generous with space. At Poggio ai Santi, you will only find suites of which even the simplest offer a degree of comfort that many grand hotels can no longer afford. When we are full, we have thirty guests.

The suites are spread between the three houses, each with its own charm and its specific features. Most have terraces or direct access onto the garden.

The privilege of silence is rare: we have decided to support it by accepting children only over 12 years of age.

The Podere, which houses a gastronomic restaurant and a reading room, presents its finest appointments in every season: open onto three open verandas in summer, in winter it offers cosy afternoons by the fire. From the terraces, admire the coast and the island of Elba and even, on clear days, Corsica on the horizon.

Finally, Poggio ai Santi is also a medium-sized farm with 40 hectares of land, mostly planted with olive trees, in a single block on both sides of the hill. Our olive oil has its own reputation and is found in some prestigious restaurants in Europe.

At Poggio ai Santi, you are at the heart of one of the richest parts of the world, with a density of castles, churches, cathedrals, classical temples, historic towns, landscapes, islands, beaches, local and national natural parks. The most highly reputed vineyards in the world, such as Sassicaia and Ornellaia are located just the other side of the hill. Tuscany is still the land of authentic cuisine with produce from the land and sea that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our haven is an invitation as much for peaceful holidays, contemplation or rest as for many activities with us or in the region, from cookery classes to visits of wine cellars, to trips out to sea or trekking in the hills, from beaches to the terraces of the marina.

We are open all year round: all seasons offer their own treasures. It never freezes, winter casts extraordinary light and offers walks and tastings of local produce; the autumn and spring let you discover the landscapes and riches of the locality; in summer, benefit from a special and exclusive quietness.